9 Reasons Why You Must Support Arts in the 21st Century

April 11, 2019


Arts improve individual well-being. Arts lift people up beyond everyday experiences.

Arts unify communities. Arts unify communities regardless of age, race, and ethnicity, and help understand and appreciate cultures better.

Arts improve academic performance. Students engaged in arts have higher test scores, as well as lower drop-out rates.

Arts strengthen the economy. The production of all arts adds billions to the world’s economy (a larger share than transportation, tourism, and agriculture), as well as creates and supports jobs.

Arts drive tourism and revenue to local businesses. Arts travellers are ideal tourists, staying longer and spending more to seek out authentic cultural experiences.

Arts spark creativity and innovation. Creativity is among the top 5 applied skills sought by business leaders and science and it is of high importance when hiring.

Arts drive the creative industries. The Creative Industries are arts businesses that range from nonprofit museums, symphonies, and theatres to for-profit film, architecture, and design companies, about 4 % of all businesses and 2% of all employees worldwide.

Arts have social impact. A high concentration of the arts in a city leads to higher civic engagement, more social cohesion, higher child welfare, and lower poverty rates and crime.

Arts improve healthcare. Healthcare institutions provide arts programs for patients, families, and even staff  due to their healing benefits resulting in shorter hospital stays, better pain management, and less medication.


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