Creative Art is Sidelined in Schools

October 19, 2018


The majority of public schools have cut back on resources (time, staff or facilities), in most creative arts subjects. This worldwide trend seems to exist in many developed countries, where resources are more plenty. In other words, art subjects are sidelined in primary and secondary schools these days. Although design and technology are also being squeezed, art and music particularly are subjects that increasingly depending on voluntary donations.

Arts Education is important and art in general should regain dominance in our schools and as the matter of fact in our every day lives. The purpose of art is not about the sale of books, number of views, or likes. It is about our personal and professional sensibilities or should I say responsibilities not to let art being lost in the crazy rush for immediate monetary gains. Let’s emphasize, Art can communicate beyond language and time. Art is about the experience of the recipient and the intention and expression of the artist, therefore essential components of comprehensive education and the full development of every human being.

On that note, I am happy to share with you my new creations:


If you read my previous post, you will certainly recognize that this painting was inspired by, Van Gogh’s ” Girl in the Wood”. There is no girl in my version, only the trees and the immense untold story that they represent.


This is my original design. This painting represents the variety of colours within colours in our environment that we often miss to notice. Perhaps it is a good idea to take a moment and observe the vast amount of colours and shades that surround us.

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