Palette Knife

November 11, 2018


A palette knife is a tool of an artist that is used for mixing colours, applying paint, and creating effects such as texture, dimensions, and multiple layers with oil or acrylic media. It is not an easy task to master working with a palette knife. It certainly takes some time and practice to learn the techniques to avoid the so-called unintentional accidents. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available in the market that allow for experiments.


Using a palette knife can be messy when too much paint is applied. The key factor working with a palette knife is to know how much paint to put on the knife and which part of the knife to use and when. Working with the palette knife, made me loosen up and creating amazing illusions, many times unintentionally, if I want to be truly honest. In my opinion, the greatest advantage of the palette knife is that it gives more dramatic results. The thicker multilayered textures, the sharp and also fine edges, and the opacity of colours make the palette knife an essential tool of an artist.


I was trying to discover the original history of the palette knife, more specifically when painters started to use it, but unfortunately I was unsuccessful. There are a few theories, which take us back to the 16th Century, but there is no evidence, as far as I know, which painter invented it and when. The only information I have for you is that Titian and Rembrandt were masters of the palette knife techniques. In this post I introduce you to some of the palette knife paintings that I very much enjoyed creating.


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