Seriously Endangered – Gorillas

Endangered animals, especially those that by default affect other organisms, complex ecosystems, and our precious environment need our assistance. When I looked at the list of these species, I learned that among the top most endangered animals today we have two primates, the gorillas (or Gorilla beringei andGorilla gorilla) and the orangutan (or Pongo pygmaeus). 

This inspired me to take out my brushes and paint a Gorilla. Many of us know very little about the gorillas. According to some numbers, there may be only 220,000 left in the wild. Poaching for bushmeat, trophies, and magical talismans have resulted in substantial losses of these powerful animals. Gorillas have a complex social structure and they reproduce slowly, once every four years at best. One female, lost to poaching, can catastrophically impact the gorillas’ population hence survival.

I am hopeful that we can save the gorillas, and their success story is just around the corner.

Endangered Gorilla



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