The Girl in the Wood (Van Gogh)

October 14, 2018


We don’t know what Van Gogh actually saw or thought while painting his “Starry Night”, but we certainly can recognize Van Gogh’s style, his colours, dots, and swirls (brushstrokes) and identify most of his masterpieces. His painting the “Girl in a wood, 1882” (Oil on Canvas laid on Panel with a Size of 34.7 x 47.3 cm or 13.7 x 18.6 in), however doesn’t fit the typical Van Gogh style.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 10.41.50 AM

I absolutely adore this painting. I must admit, even more so than some of his more famous creations. In this paining he uses browns, yellows and greens and excellent perspective that correctly depict the narrowing of the tree-trunks towards the background and the distances between them. Van Gogh’s aim, as he explains to Theo, was to ensure ‘that one can breathe and wander about in it – and smell the woods’. What an amazing objective, and artwork! From my perspective I love this painting because it has a story to tell, aside from presenting me with a wonderful landscape. I don’t really see what he sees, nor I really smell the wood. But by adding a figure (the girl), Van Gogh invites me to imagine my own tale and  create my own experience. Art is there to be experienced and it is not there to be analyzed”.


This was my aim as well, when I created the painting below. Those who have seen it already have their own imagined tale of “A woman with a bucket of water” walking towards the old barn.


The “Winter Morning” below is also one of my new artworks. Although there is no figure or obvious movement in this painting, I still feel the chilliness of the cold air, and hear the cracking noise, the floating ice makes.


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