The true spirit of an artist

Date: August 21, 2018


Since the second half of the 20thCentury art has become a corporation-like industry with prices greatly accelerating. The market today is full of large commercially-driven galleries, rich art collectors, speculators, and also artist who don’t create the art themselves but rather outsource the work to others.

The average years for these artists to commercially prosper is between 7-10 years. They are able to sell their creations for millions, but tend to do the same things over and over again. This  money-driven strategy eventually results in a decline of demand and a very short fame for the artist.




To me art is not a commodity that we buy and sell. I paint, because I love the process of capturing a moment in time. In my view it is all about learning, improving my skills, and put on the canvas what I think about, see and feel. When I paint, everything stops and there is only me, the canvas, paint, and my favourite brushes.

This is the only time when I actually live in the present. It may sound a bit off, but in reality, most of us, humans, tend to either live in the past or worry about the future. What I mean is that the majority of our daily thoughts are about the past or the future, and very seldom we live in the moment we are in. When I paint I am 100% in the moment. It is an amazing feeling that surely no money can buy or ignite.

Hence working on commission is not my thing. I must admit I tried it once, and it was a disaster. My challenge was to cease focusing on how to make sure that the buyer is happy with my work. With this mindset, I was failing to be free and that frustrated me a great deal. The money I was supposed to earn was not a good motivator for me to continue.

Perhaps Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) felt the same way when he was commissioned to do high profile work, of which many he had left unfinished and often rebelled against. The art that he wasn’t paid to do, like the Mona Lisa, he cherished so much and improved it constantly over a 16-year period.




I hope that there are more artists out there, who paint, take photos, write music and books because they are passionate about advancing their skills and creating, regardless of the price tag their art has


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