July 12, 2019


There are a few broad subjects for paintings that tend to appeal to most people.

  1. Landscape paintings are popular and still holding the number one position, as far as popularity is concerned. While landscape paintings have historically featured grand vistas, today’s landscape paintings tend to be more intimate. Aside from scenes of rivers, woods, meadows, and cityscapes, this category also includes seascapes, harbour and beach scenes that sell well. Modern and semi-abstract landscapes that offer a different interpretation of a familiar view are also very popular. 
  2. Abstract paintings, in general, do not have a ‘recognizable’ subject. Hence individual viewers can interpret an abstract painting for themselves, and for this reason abstract paintings sell well. However, it is difficult to identify what sub-category of abstract art  people appreciate the most.  
  3. Figure Studies and Nude Paintings can easily connect with people, and can be very powerful, but have their own challenges and limitations.

As far as the media is concerned, prints of paintings seem to have a higher demand than original works, since they tend to be less expensive. Limited-edition prints are most popular these days. What a shame, as original art beats any print at any time. Original art  has  energy, it is  affordable, it supports living artists, and most of all it is personal.


Secret Garden by MK


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